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AFS Analytics API

AFS Analytics API


We currently offer a REST API wich allow you to retrieve various information such as your account information, traffic and eCommerce metrics for a specified period of time.

An interactive API documentation is available here that will allow you to visualize and test the different endpoints available.

Current Version

Current API version is 1.0.0

Version URL


Two different authentification methods are currently supported:


This is the authentification method to use when you want to access one of your account data.

API Keys for existing accounts can be created here.


An API Key will only allow access to the account specified when the key was created. If you own several account, you will need to create an API key for each account you will want to access via the API.

OAUTH2 Identification

When developping Apps or Plugins you will need to identify your client via OAUTH2 protocol.


The interactive creation of Cliend ID/Secret is currently not supported. To request those please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

OpenAPI Specification

A JSON File describing our API via the OpenAPI V3.0 Specification is available at the following URL /assets/openapi/v1/afsa.json.

You can use this file to quickly generate API Clients for different langages via external tools like Swagger Tools

API usage reference for Clients generated with Our OpenAPI File can be found here.

Contact and Requests

Please direct any question or request to

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